Restoration: We specialize in antique lighting restoration throughout the country. Only select lighting projects are considered for our restoration services. At times we have 6 months to 2 years of scheduled restorations on our calendar. With our love for early period lighting dating from the early 1840's and later, we have the capabilities of restoring most period lighting fixtures with precise detail.

Reproduction: Duplicating an existing light from an original fixture can take 3 months to 1 year, depending on its complexity. We also replicate lights from original historic photographs. With our early lighting catalog collection we can recreate historic lighting correctly with no second-guess work. We can replicate most styles of lighting fixtures. If you need just one light or hundreds of fixtures, we can be of assistance.

Consultation: We offer lighting consultation services for architects, interior designers, lighting designers, engineers, home owners, and historic lighting projects. The main stages of the design and build process should consider period lighting with architects and engineers early on. With our extensive background in antique fixtures, we can ensure correct lighting placement and lighting levels are achieved before construction begins. Period lighting fixtures are often left out of the scope of work and left up to the owner to decide after the design and build stages are completed. 

Survey Reports: Before construction begins a lighting survey report should be considered for all medium and large scale projects. Our full survey report includes pictures showing current condition, extensive details of damage, missing parts, condition of wiring, and finish,  The report is used for budget purposes along with RFP for lighting restoration contractors.