Welcome to Quality Lighting, an award winning and nationally recognized, full-service reproduction, restoration, and antique lighting design specialist company. For over 35 years, we have restored and replicated more than 30,000 historic period fixtures in all shapes and sizes, from the grandest Gasoliers of the 1840's to the architectural chandeliers of the Art Deco period. You will find our work hanging in some of the finest museums, government interiors, and commercial and residential locations in the country.

We have been working with our country's leading preservation architects, lighting designers, Curators, and Historians, to create a part of our nation's lighting history. A few of our clients include GSA, DGS, State Parks, National Parks, City's and County's throughout our nation.

Much of the early antique lighting were designed as art objects. With that in mind we treat every lighting fixture with special care and make every attempt to preserve it's original beauty; attention to detail is never forgotten.

Quality Lighting specializes both in the replication of existing fixtures, and the reproduction of antique lighting from period photographs and drawings so you can fulfill all of your antique lighting requirements.